Drink only oil for 11 days! Zhong Liti was questioned by netizens

Drink only oil for 11 days! Zhong Liti was questioned by netizens

According to Taiwanese media reports, Zhong Liti recently exposed the beautiful scenery of Samui Island in Thailand, but the con

tent of the text has caused controversy. She said that she took her father and mother-in-law to Sumei Island for 11 d

ays of detoxification treatment, during which she only drank oil, and many toxins were discharged from her body, w

hich made her feel relaxed and comfortable. She also said that diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis and other diseases could be discharged through this cour

se, hoping that more people would come to Sumei Island to detoxify. Enthusiastic solicitation reminds netiz

ens of Yi Nengjing, who recently shared spiritual lessons and was bombarded by cults and pyramids.

Zhong Liti and her parents-in-law had a bottle of oil. They only drank oil for 11 days. It’s really incr

edible to call directly, “I hope more friends can come to Sumei Island to detoxify and work together to mak

e their health healthier and healthier.” Some netizens asked, “How is it so like Ying Nengjing’s deceived mind cou

rse”, “Is there any scientific basis? If you don’t have the best, don’t recommend it casually. Others jumped out and said they were in the de

toxification camp. “It’s actually a little useful,” and Po came out to take photos with Zhong Liti.

It is reported that Miranda Kerr, a famous model, used coconut oil to lose weight after c

hildbirth. She added coconut oil to salads, cooking and even green tea. At least 4 tablespoons of coc

onut oil a day, which claimed to be able to maintain her figure and beauty, aroused many doubts.


Front line | Jia Yueting friends voice: 91 FF from productio

Front line | Jia Yueting friends voice: 91 FF from productio

In recent two days, Jia Yueting as far afield as the United States for a long time did not speak again appear in people’s field of vision.

36 kr, Jia Yueting on January 31, friends said, “in 2019, California best technology start-ups, FF with Uber, Lyft came th

ird.Both win in a Shared economic concept of business model innovation, and FF beca

use technological change and disruptive innovation products.91 as the first fruit of FF innovation, FF from pr

oduction only ‘finishing, it is time to ready to accept the inspection from the market and users.”

Just the day before, he on weibo also released the results above.This is the se

cond time FF2018 years included in the list.At the same time, the FF official weib

o, according to 91 FF first I.A.I tests verify pre production car will rolled off the production line in the near future.

Through this focus, Jia Yueting mainly revealed to the world production car production situation.

In addition to the above information, FF, insiders say “FF has successfully finished product res

earch and development stage, in the past year rolled out more pre production car, from the


University: professional alumni for Alma mater, the build

University: professional alumni for Alma mater, the build

  In our country, college students after graduation to leave his Alma mater, schools have spent time on your feelings, it will

retain their own youth and dream, those wonderful memories forever: in the heart of the students in the school

ter.Some college students career after graduation have become donate money, some college students choose graduate y

ears reunion in the Alma mater, dining room, some will also continue to read the graduate student of his Alma mater.All in a

ll, everybody is in their own way to give back to his Alma mater, to express love for the Alma mater.

  Small new to share with you today, however, the student is bad, he is blasting p

rofessional students, the school despite of his Alma mater how like, but in a few year

s later, to his Alma mater, building the blasting implementation, netizens also said that actually completed a ch

ildhood dream, unexpectedly also implements.Specific what‘s the matter, and listen to the small new explain.It ha

ppened in anhui university of science and technology, as a result of the west campus of


Handan lost boy’s death Blue sky rescue team pla

Handan lost boy’s death Blue sky rescue team pla

Hebei handan guangping 4 xiaoyu (a pseudonym) and wavelet (a pseudonym), 6, lost in the message, since January 23,

brush screen in the locals circle of friends.After the incident, the two ch

ildren’s family entrust others undertakes putting “, “said 23 around two o ‘clock in

the afternoon, two children together in guangping Jin

Zhuang village west in play, more than 4 PM in the day, the parents found the missing child.Family members say, the ch

ild lost after they have been looking for, hope that the man took the child and contact them.

North green to the reporter understands, called the police after children lost their fam

ilies.Then, the local police, fire and rescue teams to participate in without

the blue sky.Participate in putting the blue sk

y rescue team, said they received notice, 23 afternoon arrived at the scene after the accident found pollution-pr

oducing heavy there is a river, “the river is n

ot frozen, the day we had speculated that children may be falling overboard, began to search in the w

ater.”On January 24th noon, rescuers said, one of the children were water, “but

there is no signs of life”.Then, on the ev

ening of 24, another child’s body was also found that “the two children were drowned.

Rescuers said that seen in cases of them to participate in the rescue, golden time

is 10 minutes of swimmers, “or someone a

t the scene saw, can rescue immediately.Otherwise, drowned the

possibility is very large.”In addition, r

escuers warned, part of the river channels of thin ice in winter, or have

porosity will not be frozen solid, some c

hildren or adults don’t know the situation, to walk on the ice, playing,

fishing, some even drive up to play, it is ea

sy to produce risk.”To remind parents to look after their children, don’t let the

children close to the dangerous waters.”


he grass-roots civil servants lack of money, want to wee

he grass-roots civil servants lack of money, want to wee

  Civil servants at the grass-roots level of life pressure big?Different people, may be very different.Also in a unit of work, and also took a s

alary, one person may have several suites, commuting on hundreds of thousands of car, children still perhaps can go abroad to study.

  And some people, even a suite, still have to carry a lifetime to repay the mortgage,

car but also don’t want to, children can only in the ordinary school districts.If unfort

unately have a patient in the home, the compounded of the hardships of life, after all, limited income to meet the expenses necessary for life.

  Ordinary clerk, salary SanSiQianKuai, in addition to this, there won’t be any other

income.Obviously this money, want to live a happy life, it is not enough.So, some people, in order to feed their families, have to work out the way.

  Recently, there is a civil servants at the grass-roots level and living under pressure, part-time

while weekend rest time delivery.In view of possible illegal warning, he to the relevant authorities for advice.

  The nickname “le le” netizens “remarks mayor” channel in yangzhou city people’s gove

rnment website message, said the life pressure, whether consulting civil servants weekend delivery discipline.

  If not forced by life, a civil servant, certainly will not sacrifice the weekend rest time, against the wind in the rain and go to delivery

.Delivery is a legitimate career, for others, working without any problem, however, the civil servant law has a regulation,

civil servants must abide by the discipline, and shall not engage in or engage in for-profit activities.

  Then, the nickname “le le” the net friend to get official response again?

  Make a response to the county commission for discipline inspection, the content is as follo

ws: civil servants life difficulties, as a result of delivery during the weekends, in principle, does not constitute a viola

tion of party discipline, but as public servants shall be reported to the organization, and shall not affect the labor of duty.

  At the same time, the civil servants family really difficult, related party organizations and the unit should be paid to care about.

  Every family has a book difficult to read the classics, civil servants are no exception.Howe

ver, due to special civil servant status, even if the approved can be engaged in the

weekend delivery, shall not affect the labor of duty, shall not use power to influence delivery activities.