Trump’s refusal to show weakness or humility in defeat

Trump’s refusal to show weakness or humility in defeat

  allied with a brazen, relentless temperament and an indifference to shame helps explain why he is so hard to bring down.

  Showing off sometimes diabolical but compelling political skills, Trump was audacious, prov

ocative and spiteful. He made outrageous boasts about his own success and hinted at his acute sense of hum

an nature and feral appreciation of weakness and discomfort in a political opponent.

  Trump also showed his indifference, or rude disregard for the political plights of allied leaders, indulged his willingness to tra

de in falsehoods, and betrayed his obsessions with his predecessor President Barack Obama.Trump vs. Beto

  At Thursday’s White House meeting, Trump was also asked by a reporter about the f

reshest entrant in the Democratic White House race — former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke. He was ready.

Wang said science and technology is a double-edged

Wang said science and technology is a double-edged

sword. For example, the development of artificial intelligence repr

esents progress in the use of digital tools, but there are privacy concerns in the use of biometric ide

ntification. Gene-editing technology offers ways for humans to better understand themselves but raises debate.

Wang stressed the development of science and technology should be focused on fostering advantages while avoiding harms.

Scientific research and science commercialization require a strong sense of s

ocial responsibility and scientists should take into account all aspects, including morality, ethics, social resp

onsibilities, academic conduct and laws when doing research or putting their achievements into practice, he said.

To build an innovative country, scientific literacy of members of the public also needs to be improved so they will form a natu

ral tendency to discern and respect science and do more positive things in society, he said.

The sentencing combined with Manafort’s failure to expres

The sentencing combined with Manafort’s failure to expres

  express remorse sparked immediate speculation about the possibility that Trump could pardon his former campaign chair.

  ”The statement by Paul Manafort’s lawyer after an already lenient sentence — repeating the Pres

ident’s mantra of no collusion — was no accident. It was a deliberate appeal for a pardon. One inju

stice must not follow another,” Adam Schiff, D-California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted.

  Manafort’s chances of a pardon may indeed have risen since to spare him a 47-month

sentence may be seen as less politically risky for the President than springing him from a 25-year jail term.

  But CNN legal commentator Carrie Cordero suggested that the judge’s decision

to show leniency also could serve to undermine arguments that Manafort deserved further mercy.

  ”(It is) very hard for the President to now suggest that Paul Manafort has been treated unfa

irly. He has in fact, by Judge Ellis, been given a bit of grace,” Cordero told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360.”

Pakistan denies terror clampdown is result of Indian tensions

Pakistan denies terror clampdown is result of Indian tensions

  Pakistan said it is not bowing to Indian or international pressure as it cracks down on militant groups in the wake of the crisis over Kashmir.

  On Tuesday, authorities said they detained 44 members of banned organizati

ons, including the son and brother of Masood Azhar, the leader of militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

  JeM claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Pulwama in Indian-controlled Kashmir on February 14, which resulted in th

e deaths of 40 Indian troops and precipitated the current escalation in tensions between the two nuclear-armed powers.

  Speaking to CNN, Pakistan’s military spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Asif Gh

afoor, said that any clamp-down on militants was part of an ongoing domestic policy.

  ”We are not doing anything under anyone’s pressure,” Ghafoor said Tuesday, addi

ng that Pakistan would root out “anybody who operates from Pakistan … we feel that it is not in the interest of Pakistan.”

hina will become major player in 3D printing, analyst says

hina will become major player in 3D printing, analyst says

hina is quickly closing the gap on the adoption of 3D printing, a sector on the cusp of transforming from prototyping and de

sign to real-life manufacturing and end-user engagement, according to an industry executive.

Some of the most advanced 3D printing applications will be driven b

y Chinese companies, in light of the level of government incentives to promote the indu

stry, said Michael Agam, Greater China general manager of Stratasys, a 3D prin

ting and additive manufacturing solutions company based in the United States.

“Customers and end-users are expecting new things in a much faste

r pace than before, prompting companies to come up with new products in a pace that…could nev

er be done by traditional manufacturing,” Agam said in an interview in Shanghai.

Speeding up production and shortening supply chain are not the only game chang

er. The need to come up with tailor-made designs that are flexible to end-user needs lie at the heart of 3D printing, he said.

Education proves value of cooperationversity collaborations l

Education proves value of cooperationversity collaborations l

As the United States and China continued trade talks this week, companies and industries in both countries, including the education sector, will be hoping for a sign

ificant breakthrough that can lift Sino-US relations from the current morass and end the tit-for-tat trade war that

has seriously affected exchanges of goods, technology and people between our nations.

For Sino-US joint-venture universities, such as Duke Kunshan University, in China’s eastern p

rovince of Jiangsu, the ramifications of a further ramp-up in tensions would be felt acutely.

Fortunately, the impact of the trade dispute on these educational joint ve

ntures has been minimal. But naturally there has been uncertainty surrounding the

issuance of work and student visas (although the Chinese government has been quick to make assurances), and p

arents have raised questions about the sustainability of such projects should relations sour further.

More than ever before, it is important to remember that joint-venture educational p

rojects highlight the importance and value of true mutually beneficial co

operation. Today, there is hardly a single major global problem for which the long-term solution does not depend on

close collaboration between the US and China, respectively the largest and second-largest economies in the world.

Diligent Chinese offer glimpse into country’s economi

Diligent Chinese offer glimpse into country’s economi

“With or without money, go home for Spring Festival” seems to be the prevailing sentim

ent that drives millions of Chinese to head home ahead of the most important holiday for family reunions.

Meanwhile, some others, mostly from China’s booming services sector, choose to stick to their po

sts during the week-long holidays to serve other people, a scenario that offers a glimpse of China’s hardwo

rking grass-roots workers, who have been a major driving force of the country’s economic growth.

Dou Liguo is a delivery man who has been living in Beijing for over 20 years. The

43-year-old man told the Global Times Friday night that he will not return to his hom

etown – Siping in Northeast China’s Jilin Province – this year and will spend this traditional festival without his parents.

“Some of my co-workers are back home, but I chose to

work through the holidays because someone needs to keep our delivery service functioning,” he said.

Among migrant workers who are not going hom

e for family reunions, many of them work in the services sector as delivery persons, cleaners and salesmen.

Because have different sounds, and next to the clock tow

Because have different sounds, and next to the clock tow

  January 29 at 7 PM, next to the clock tower to see Chinese reporters, “suddenly turn hostile the

Terra Cotta Warriors” face is not bright, “beilin welcome you” brand has been moved to the flow

er bed next to the edge.Beside the suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors, have crane truck on the side of the road.

  Late on January 28th, clock tower near the “suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors” netizens, by scanning the face phot

os, can put your own face projection to the Terra Cotta Warriors in the face.”Suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta

Warriors” photo quickly triggered heated debate on the Internet, some people say that “terrifying”, some people say tha

t “too ugly”, also some people thought “interesting”.Facing with online discussion, beilin response, because per

manently black, can only remove the “suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors”.

  On January 29th night, a lot of people come to visit “suddenly tur

n hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors”, did not see the Terra Cotta Warriors face lit up, every

one felt very disappointed.Visitors from zhejiang Mr. Su said yesterday on the Internet to see this feel fun, specially tod

ay and friends to come over, the results found that the faces of the Terra Cotta Warriors is not illuminated, felt very

disappointed.Xian Lin and his friend made a special trip with pictures of out-of-town fri

Men spend 30000 to buy sent: “lamborghini” came

Men spend 30000 to buy sent: “lamborghini” came

(the original title: 30000 pieces of online shopping “lamborghini” luxury dream

round Just sent) on the

Owns a luxury car is a lot of people yearning.And in order to round own dream, jingz

hou has an ultra running fan, in the online purchase a fake “lamborghini”, and head h

eld high on the road again.Don’t ChengXiang and car is just out, was stopped by traffic police to the emergency.

Look from the appearance, the “lamborghini” is very cool, but it is smaller t

han real car obviously a number.When the police asked the

car drivers to accept checks, but the driver delay half a day, is not willing to hand over the car keys.

A delay, the driver is ultimately to hand over the car keys, people and cars have been taken to a police brigade, to accept the penalty.

pieces of 1 pack Woman driving apply face film 2 poin

pieces of 1 pack Woman driving apply face film 2 poin

  Many women are in the habit of using mask before going to sleep, raise colour, and relieve the mood, Ms. Tian also have this habit

, and her face is quite expensive, but a few days ago, because a mask, Ms. Tian has received the punishment.

  Ms. Tian opened a motor repair shop, in the evening, she just apply the mask, do not want

to call a customer emergency telephone, car has no electricity, need to rescue, without further ado, Ms. Tian drove past.

  Ms. Tian said: “I went out with the mask, because the mask one hundred bucks a piece, I’m not willing to throw it away.”

  Ms. Tian driving from changan road till to BaoJi, and she was monitoring captured such behavior.

  West of the traffic police squadron vice captain ShiHao said: “the mask, will affect the

safe driving, we will be fined 50 yuan, 2 points of punishment to deal with it.”

  Police said, in addition to apply face film, many women drivers and other bad driving h

abits, such as driving on a cell phone, touch the head of the children while dr

iving, driving her child in her arms, these behaviors can let a female driver distraction, easy to cause traffic accidents.

  West of the traffic police squadron vice cap

tain ShiHao said: “that to prevent illegal behavior of safe driving and fines of up to 50 yuan, 2 points.”

  Police remind the driver emergency response is relatively slow, should focus on during the process of driving, don’t be distracted.