Front line | Jia Yueting friends voice: 91 FF from productio

In recent two days, Jia Yueting as far afield as the United States for a long time did not speak again appear in people’s field of vision.

36 kr, Jia Yueting on January 31, friends said, “in 2019, California best technology start-ups, FF with Uber, Lyft came th

ird.Both win in a Shared economic concept of business model innovation, and FF beca

use technological change and disruptive innovation products.91 as the first fruit of FF innovation, FF from pr

oduction only ‘finishing, it is time to ready to accept the inspection from the market and users.”

Just the day before, he on weibo also released the results above.This is the se

cond time FF2018 years included in the list.At the same time, the FF official weib

o, according to 91 FF first I.A.I tests verify pre production car will rolled off the production line in the near future.

Through this focus, Jia Yueting mainly revealed to the world production car production situation.

In addition to the above information, FF, insiders say “FF has successfully finished product res

earch and development stage, in the past year rolled out more pre production car, from the